The Ovum Factor Book Cover

Chapter 1


The only sound came from the muted ticking of the alarm clock on the night table. David Rose opened bleary eyes and reached over to scan its face. Not even 5:00. Yet he knew he would not be sleeping any longer. His dreams had been filled with all sorts of unfamiliar images and faces, none of which he could now recall. He had no desire to return to that chaos.

He lay back, staring blankly at the ceiling and feeling the cooling sensation as the perspiration from his dream evaporated into the dry air of his Manhattan bedroom. Many unrelated thoughts drifted through his mind. But all brought him back to the same basic question. What am I doing with my life?

That question had begun haunting him in recent weeks. He was blessed with all the trappings that defined success in his job as an investment banker. Yet he was far from satisfied. Something important was missing.

He had always imagined a different life for himself. He was a dreamer who wanted to change the world by helping shape the minds of the next generation. This would have made a career in education his obvious choice. But the influence of family had caused him to follow a much different course—one more likely to bring a handsome income. And with his combination of intelligence and intuition, he had excelled at it, in spite of the poor fit with his real aspirations.

While he was reflecting on how life might have been different had he only resisted these external pressures, an unfamiliar feeling began to take hold. It was almost as if some outside force were pulling him from the bed and compelling him to begin his usual morning ritual. He chose to comply even though this would mean arriving at the office much sooner than normal.

He stumbled out of bed and entered the shower, leaving the bright bathroom lights off to avoid the uncomfortable transition from the night. The jets of water cascading over his face and running down his long, lean body provided welcome relief from the tension accumulated in his dream. The shower was a place he could let his mind wander wherever it chose to take him. Suddenly, standing there in the dark, the warm water pouring over his body, he felt a powerful sense of reverse déjà vu. Not that he had experienced this moment in the past but that he would soon experience it again and in a place far away.

He dressed quickly in his usual light shirt and conservative dark suit. He then decided to skip breakfast to keep his momentum.

As he closed the door of his apartment that cold January morning, David Rose could never have foreseen what destiny had planned for him. He was about to embark on a great adventure that could affect all humanity—an adventure whose origins had already begun seven decades earlier in a village in southern China.